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Help on identifying and explaining the impact of the poetry devices used in this poem...

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Help on identifying and explaining the impact of the poetry devices used in this poem provided below, as well as the effect of imagery.


I don`t want my children to see the Earth die,

Without fish swim and without birds fly,

With no air for breathing, no water to drink, 

When global conditions will make the land sink.

I don`t want emissions to stay in the air,

To fill our lungs and to spread everywhere,

To cause global warming, submerging the land!

To stop all this mess we should lend our hand!

The nature is dying together with us,

We wouldn`t exist here but for the green grass…

We must prevent nature from saying «farewell»-

In case it is dying, we`re dying as well!

What could human beings` activities mean –

To make our planet one big rubbish bin?!

No matter that you may be only a teen –

It`s never too early or late to be green!

To show our children the beauty of life;

To help polar bears and pandas survive;

To claim to the world that this talk should gain weight

Let`s firstly take part in the global debate!


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One poetic device that is used is repetition.  If you look at each stanza there is a phrase that is repeted.. "to fill, to cause, to stop".  So what does this do?  This makes the reader slow down a little bit and it places emphasis on what is happening. For example "To fill, to cause, to stop..., that stanza shows the impact of pollution and asks reader to pay close attention to it.     

You can also discuss rhyme scheme. Read the poem aloud. What do you notice?  It flows nicely and is meant to be read aloud.  

Other poetic devices you could point out would be similes and metaphors. For example, "the nature is dying with us" is a simile that copares how humans die and decompose to how nature is decomposing and dying. 

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