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Help Get Me Started on an "I am" Poem for "Lord of the Flies"?Can anybody help me get...

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Help Get Me Started on an "I am" Poem for "Lord of the Flies"?

Can anybody help me get started on this assignment?  I amd supposed to choose 1 character out of the book

I am
I wonder
I hear _
I want
I am
I pretend
I feel _
I touch _
I worry
I cry
I am
I umderstand
I say _
I dream _
I try
I hope
I am ___

Its a dun little poem I though was cool.
Try to pit more thought into too..
Don't be like I want to go home. I feel hungry.

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Put yourself into the character's shoes.  Say for instance, you choose Piggy.  How does he feel about the situation of being stuck on the island? Who are his friends? Enemies? What are his thoughts on things that happen on the island--work, food collection, keeping the fire going, what happened to Simon?

Answer questions like this about the character you choose, and THEN try to fill in the statements in your poem.

This sounds like lots of fun...enjoy the process and good luck!

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