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Help Finding Bilingual Educator for Primary School in ThailandCurrently, My school in...

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Help Finding Bilingual Educator for Primary School in Thailand

Currently, My school in Thailand would like to open Bilingual programme for primary level and we are looking for teacher to teach and manage the programme could you please recommend me something?

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One thing you can do is create a program and let universities in the united states aware of it and understand that it is a legit program. Then you can attract students to study abroad there and earn a small stipend. 

Also if you are looking for a bilingual teacher, i'm sure there are universities in thailand in which you can recruit interns that are bilingual to manage the program. However, since it is a new programme you should search for someone with more experience in managing projects and organizations of sorts.  

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Actually, my school which is Nawaphat Witthaya School located in Bangkok , Thailand. I am the head teacher at the school and I come up with the idea about merging two different curriculums together : British and Thai national curriculum. In my idea, Thai National Curriculum have many mistakes and also teachers misunderstood about teaching young students. Right now, Thai students study very hard and it is unnessary for thier age (3-11) which is the age that like to explore and learn more about the real world experience. I think the curriculum I am going to do will help students to enjoy what they learn. Therefore, I need to find the teacher who has experiences in teaching class in England or have degree in Education and understand British Curriculum well.

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It seems like you have an interesting position open for the right candidate. You need to think of how you can advertise your post and make sure it reaches those who fit the criteria and would be interested. Have you tried contacting the Times Educational Supplement (www.tes.co.uk)? This is a very good paper and website that many teachers in Britain use and get which has extensive job opportunities, including for positions overseas. The other major educational periodical is the Guardian Education. Hope this helps!

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