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HELP!!!!I had an assignment where I had to read a peice by Ron Geraci called Which...

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I had an assignment where I had to read a peice by Ron Geraci called Which Stooge Are You? I read the material and now I have to decide which of the 3 stooges I am more like which I think I have a pretty good idea who that is but what I dont know is how to begin my essay!!! Im at a loss PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Begin with an attention-getting statement such as a quote. Did the character say anything that primarily defines you in the persona of the character? All essays should begin with an attention-getting statement, something that would grab the reader's attention and define the writer as a serious student.

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I agree with what #2 says about beginning with an attention-grabbing statement.  Perhaps you could find quotes that were actually made by one of the 3 stooges you most relate to.  If you begin that way, you would be testing your reader on his/her knowledge of the 3 stooges by creating a bit of suspense as to whom you most relate.

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You could start by describing the two other stooges, maybe even giving them different names. Then describe how you react to their personalities, and how it shapes your own.

Maybe a good way to start your first sentence with a good opening statement (if you don't want to use a quote) is to set up the essay with an odd scenario: maybe one characteristic of the stooges. Start in the middle - something like: "We were being chased by the cops because we accidentally stole $30 million worth of bubble gum."

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How did Ron Geraci begin his essay on the Stooges?  You might mimic him and then lead into which of the three you most resemble. 

Allow your personality and voice to shine through, so brainstorm some things that are definitely you which illustrate the similarities you have with the Stooge you have chosen.

Be sure to give at least three reasons why you feel you relate to the Stooge you've chosen and give good examples to back up your reasons.

This sounds like a fun assignment.  Have fun with it.  :)

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The idea of mimicking the author’s original essay is an appealing one. Yes you could begin with a quote, but many times people don’t really understand how to seamlessly incorporate a quote into the flow of a paper. Another option is to find a moment from Stooge history, and then compare it to a similar situation in your experience.

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