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hello i would like to ask you about my course assingment....tourism...

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hello i would like to ask you about my course assingment....tourism management...Assessment 2 is a 2000 word report.

Consider the organisation you are working for within this module. Using appropriate academic sources you are required to produce a report that compares your organisation to others within its sector and makes some recommendations for ways in which the organisation could develop its customer offer.

As a guide your report should include;

- An introduction, stating aims/objectives and contextualized background to the report and organisation
- Characteristics of the sector within which the organisation operates
- A clear and well structured discussion about the performance, growth and development of the organisation and the sector within which it operates
- Statistics and research from a range of sources to support your ideas
please help me a little bit what is the most important...and how should i do the contents?? and which contents inroduction.......what else??? thanks a lot!!!

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