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I need to do a Jackdaw Report and want to do it on Prohibition or the Roaring 20s...

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I need to do a Jackdaw Report and want to do it on Prohibition or the Roaring 20s Period of History.

The teacher asked me to email it over the summer, but how do I do that with objects? 

Also, any creative ideas for what to include in the project?

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The premise of the Jackdaw Project is to collect artifacts that would represent, in this case, the 1920s.  This can be done digitally.  Open a Word document or any word processing program and find your artifacts or objects from the web and insert them into the Word document with a brief explanation as to what the object is and how it would represent the time period.  You can also do this in a Powerpoint where each slide contains a picture of the object and its relevance in the slide.  The Powerpoint is more aesthetically pleasing, looking better in terms of the presentation.

In terms of the objects themselves, there are many that can be used.  For example, I think that a flask or container for alcohol would have to be an object included.  The flask is representative of the alcoholic consumption that was part of the time period.  I would also include a copy of Louis Armstrong's music with the Hot Fives, a jazz ensemble group that played much of the music that would serve as the background score to the Speakeasy that dominated the 1920s. The  inclusion of a jalopy, an old time car, that would show how many people embraced the automobile as the embodiment of freedom.  Another inclusion of the artifacts of the time period could be the cigarette holder, a part of women's fashion of the time, as well as a feather boa, tiara, and garter belt.  These were all part of how women dressed in the 1920s.  For the men, including a picture of a tuxedo and perfectly coiffed hair was how fashion was appropriated.  Finally, I would include a sample of the Charleston dance, a famous dance of the 1920s that reflected a sense of the care free and joyous celebratory zeal of the time period that desired to forget anything of the past and refused to contemplate the perils of the future.

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Wow!!!  What an amazing answer and now I am ready to begin. The powerpoint idea is great and the ideas you provided cover everything. Thanks so much.

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