Where do the following people live in To Kill a Mockingbird's Maycomb? Calpurnia, the Cunninghams, Ewells, Robinsons and the sheriff's office. I'm just trying to create a map for myself. The...

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I'm afraid there are no specific locations named for most of the characters mentioned. I have included a link to eNotes' excellent Map of Maycomb below for additional information.

Calpurnia.  The location of Cal's home is not specified in the novel, but it can be assumed that she lives in the Quarters, where most of the town's African American population is based. 

The Cunninghams.  This "enormous and confusing tribe" live in Old Sarum, "in the northern part of the county."

The Ewells.  The "Ewells lived behind the town garbage dump" in the southern part of Maycomb. "A dirt road ran from the highway past the dump down to a small Negro settlement [the Quarters] some 500 yards beyond the Ewells'."

The Robinsons.  Like Cal, the Robinsons probably live in the Quarters. We know that Helen has to pass the Ewell house on the "public road" on her way into town.

The Sheriff's Office.  There is no mention of a specific sheriff's office, but it can be assumed that Sheriff Tate's office is located in the Maycomb County jail. It is "wedged in between Tyndal's Hardware Store and the Maycomb Tribune office" on the northwest corner of the courthouse square.


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