I have to write a cause and effect essay about homelessness. How to write it? I have listed 3 causes and 2 effects. But I still have trouble on introduction and conclusion, please instruct me how...

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The body of the essay, which you have written is the most challenging part of an essay.  If you have written this part without having formed a thesis, you will need to re-examine it to be certain that each of your body paragraphs contain a topic sentence that makes a new point. Apparently, these are the 3 causes of which you make mention?

Here, then, is what is contained in the introduction of an essay according to Bailey and Powell's The Practical Writer:

  • A motivator, or hook- This is one or more sentences that present a reflection, a question, or a quotation that "hooks," or motivates the reader enough to continue reading the essay.
  • The thesis statement - Just as the topic sentence of a paragraph states the main idea of that group of sentences, the thesis statement is a general statement of the main idea of the essay.
  • A "blueprint" - This is a short list of the principal points that will be presented in the essay. If the essay is a five-paragraph essay, then 3 points are necessary. These 3 points, then, generate the topic sentences of the central paragraphs.

A thesis statement on homelessness could look something like this:

Over the years, homelessness in the United States has become a serious social problem because of (1st point), (2nd point), and (3rd point).

The conclusion, or last paragraph, is simply a summation of the central paragraphs with a reiteration of the thesis statement. It has two parts:  a reworded thesis statement and what is known as a "clincher"; that is, a finishing sentence that has impact, leaving no doubt in the mind of the reader that the essay is at its end; also, the clincher is a reminder of the motivator. Here is an example of a clincher:

Clearly, that person who sleeps under the viaduct is yet a human being with needs, both psychological and physical.

The conclusion is simply a wrapping up of the writer's main points and their purpose.

See the links below for further assistance. Good luck!


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