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I have to write an advertisement for a local radio to convince young people to use...

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I have to write an advertisement for a local radio to convince young people to use their local library. Any ideas on what to write in order to convince the listeners? I have to consider target audience, use of language and tone.

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Whatever product or service is being advertised, whomever the target market is and regardless of the medium, there are certain prerequisites that must be met in order for an advertisement to succeed.

Advertising is intended to

inform, persuade, and remind the consumer

in this particular instance, the young people. The advertiser cannot rely on any visual material as it is a radio advertisement which makes it all the more important to ensure the advertisement is exciting, innovative and attention-grabbing.

  • ATTRACT the specific audience that is being targeted
  • having aroused their INTEREST, maintain it
  • Make the audience DESIRE the product/ service
  • persuade the consumer to take ACTION

To put the above in context:

Maybe say something like

  1. "Did you know that your library offers wi-fi facilities?" This is something that will attract most young people.
  2. "If you become a member of your local library, you will get 30 minutes FREE wi-fi every day.YES, EVERY day!" Key words like "free, yes, every" always keep people listening.
  3. "Wouldn't you like to 'chill' with your friends through wi-fi, do all your research without Mom watching over you? And impress Mom at the same time when all your work is finished?" Now the young people are really interested because Mom is not interfering and she's happy with the result. Using colloquial language ('chill') will also appeal to young listeners.  
  4. "If you do it today, you will get an EXTRA 30 minutes on your first day. Offer is limited to the first 150 scholars who register at their local library before 5pm on Saturday." Now they can't wait to get there and get something EXTRA.

Making it measurable and achievable is important in maintaining interest and, as most young people procrastinate (leave things until the last minute or until it's too late), placing a time frame ensures that they will get to the library and join.  

Remember the acronym "AIDA" whenever faced with a task in advertising.  


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