I have to write a 5-7 page character analysis on the main three characters. I am having a hard time coming up with ideas with that much information I have 595 words and just 4 pages.  Need 1500...

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No matter what the text is, there are a few tips that are universally applicable to essays that will help you in this situation.

First, I like to break things down mathematically. If you must write 1500 words and consider that a well written paragraph is between 150 and 250 words, then you need between 7 and 8 paragraphs. Using this as a guide, you would devote about 2 paragraphs to each character for analysis and add a paragraph introduction and a paragraph conclusion. If you break it down by pages, you basically need to devote an entire page to each character you analyze, and add a page long introduction and conclusion, and you'd have the minimum of five pages.

Keeping your length in mind, you can reach this goal by planning your entire essay before drafting, and creating a thorough outline of each paragraph. Guide your paragraphs by coming up with a comprehensive thesis statement. In a character analysis, a thesis statement might sound something like this:

In [the text] by [author], the three main characters are uniquely different yet accomplish [something pertaining to theme in the text] together.

Now, make a list of qualities and characteristics of each character and include quotes as evidence. Then, brainstorm how each character contributes to a theme of the text. Once you've brainstormed a long list for each character, you should have enough information to create two body paragraphs for each character. One could focus on characteristics, the next could focus on how their personalities affect the theme.

Remember that critical analysis of any literary work requires more discussion than summarizing of plot. This means use quotes as evidence to make a point, not simply to say "what happened" in the story or poem. Elaborate on your evidence to show your teacher what you know and understand about the text and its characters.

The link below also contains some very helpful advice. Good luck.


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