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I have to watch How I Met Your Mother "Perfect Week" (Season 5, Episode 14). Could...

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I have to watch How I Met Your Mother "Perfect Week" (Season 5, Episode 14). Could someone tell me how does the episode depicts sex please?

could someone help me with this please - This should play in quicktime player or VLC, if not, it could be found on netflix or huluplus- would someone tell me what they think - thanks

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In Season 5, Episode 14 of the popular television show How I Met Your Mother, one of the central male characters, Barney Stinson, is facing possible termination from his job. As Barney is waiting to find out whether he will be fired or not, he recalls his previous week's sexual activities, a week in which he had sexual intercourse with a different woman every day for seven consecutive days (hence the episode title "The Perfect Week").

As Barney recalls his sexual activities, he imagines that his exploits are so remarkable that they are worthy of him being interviewed by the real-life sportscaster Jim Nance. Jim Nance describes Barney's accomplishment as the baseball equivalent of "a perfect game."

Thus, the episode depicts sex as a sporting event ("the sport of sleeping with random hotties") and Barney as a sexual athlete. In the final day of the perfect week, Barney almost misses out on a seventh consecutive conquest when a real professional baseball player, Nick Swisher, comes into the bar where Barney typically meets his sexual partners. Fortunately for Barney, his friends prevent the intended partner from meeting the real baseball player and diverting her toward Barney.

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