Have styles from the 1920's survived or ever been revived?This is a question from a worksheet on The Great Gatsby This question seems to be the only one I'm really having trouble with. Thanks to...

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As has been pointed out, the Flappers style of dress has been brought back into fashion in the last decade or two and not just in the movies. The caps and dresses of this era have found counterparts that are closely linked to the original styles of the 1920s.



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It looks like the 20's ideas of midi-length skirts, dropped waistline and fringed hems are actually making a comeback in some of today's wedding dress styles. (See the links below)


Also, the women's hairstyles known as the bob and the finger wave (chin-length hair for the active woman) have made their appearance several times since the 20's. Even now you can see some actresses wearing their hair in these styles on the red carpet.


And the flapper dress (knee length with lots of fringe that flaps when you dance) has come in and out of style. In fact, I wore a flapper-inspired dress to my 10th high school reunion a few years back.


I think these styles keep coming back because they are fun, flirty and reflect a time of change for women and the world.

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The loose-fitting garments of ladies' fashions in the Jazz Age have been revived more than once.  In the late fifties, girls wore dresses called chemises which were much like the waistless dress of the 1920's Flappers.  Even evening dresses imitate this look with fringe on the bottoms, etc. The use of the long necklace tied at the bottom into a loop has been seen in this century, as well.  The shoe style which had a strap across the top of the foot has been revived on several occasions, as has the cloche hat that young women wore.

While the French fragrance houses have dominated the perfume market ever since Coco Chanel's No. 5 made its appearance, there is a revival of a fragrance by the British company called Girard.  In fact two recipes from the twenties have been "reinvigorated" by this company. 

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