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I have to give a class presentation on word parts. My example is the word...

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I have to give a class presentation on word parts. My example is the word unhappiness: un-, happy, -ness.

Please help me by giving material and a lot of examples. It's an academic project. I need material and a lot of examples to let my classmates in the college understand the subject. Please help me!

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This project sounds like a lot of fun.

One way to approach the word "unhappiness" -- as you point out in your question -- is to break the word down into three units: un-, happi-, and -ness.

The root word is "happy," of course, and you can start there, if you like. I've given a source below that talks -- in the three links -- about the history of this word (or its etymology). For instance, the word "happy" probably comes from the Old Norse word "happ," which means "chance" or "good luck," and that word probably has an even older form in Proto-Germanic. You may realize that other words that we use today in English have this same root word: happen, perhaps, haphazard, happenstance, and so on.

Have talked about the root word as much as you'd like, you can move on to the two affixes, the prefix un- and the suffix -ness. Both of these affixes have their own historiies, their own functions, and their own contributions to helping make all kinds of new words.

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