I have the Oxford edition of HENRY VI-the first act opens with a funeral scene, are these summaries compatable with all versions?The description in ACT ONE isn't matching up with the Oxford...

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Without seeing your version of Henry VI, Part I, I cannot tell if it is the same throughout. Perhaps the first page has not been included. The eNotes version of Shakespeare's play, in Act One, scene one, also begins with a funeral scene following the death of Henry V. When you note that it does not match up, I am surprised. If students bring their own copies of plays into the classroom (of Macbeth, Hamlet, Romeo and Juliet, etc.), the words are the same, but line numbers and page numbers vary—for example, the Folgers version, the Barrons edition and the textbook we use in class say the same thing, but page and line numbers do not match.

I have checked several other versions, and they also begin with Henry V's funeral scene. I might suggest that you compare our version with the one that you have to see if the rest of the play is the same. If not, I would probably return it to the place where you purchased it and try another version. You can access our version repeatedly, but if you need something to carry with you, you might be able to borrow a copy from the library.



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You were right!! I believe I was reading the notes to part two. Silly mistake! Thank you so much for this information

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