I have to make a project on FM Radio. What are the basic principles and processes involved in the working of FM Radio? Please help because the information on the internet is either quite less or...

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Radio technology is actually surprisingly simple.  Radio technology has been around for the better part of a century and is utilized not only for audio radio stations but also for a myriad of other products and mediums including television, wireless phones, baby monitors, GPS, and space satellites.  Radio waves are a specific portion of the electromagnetic spectrum outside of the range of visible light.  Radio waves are on the longer wavelength, lower energy end of the spectrum so they are undetectable and not dangerous to humans.  Specifically, FM radio transmissions vary between 87 and 108 MHz.

The broadcast, transmission, and receiving of FM radio signals involves the following process.  The radio station converts electrical audio signals (music) into a radio wave using a device called a modulator.  The modulator imparts information to the energy wave by changing either its amplitude or frequency.  AM radio stands for amplitude modulation and FM stands for frequency modulation.  So the frequency of the radio wave is altered to impart sound information.  The radio wave exits the station via a large antenna where it travels through the air to be picked up by the antenna of an FM radio.  The radio wave then passes through an electronic filter which tunes out all unwanted frequencies and focuses on a particular frequency.  The signal is then processed through a demodulator which converts the radio signal into an audio signal that can be played through a speaker.  This is how basic FM radio works.


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Your way of explaining is great! I understood the basic concepts better than wikipedia or howstuffworks.

A massive thanks to you!

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