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I have to do a presentation in Spanish on how to do something using formal "usted"...

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I have to do a presentation in Spanish on how to do something using formal "usted" commands in Spanish. Any ideas?


My Spanish teacher gave examples such as explaining how to tie your shoe or bake a cake. I do not know what I should do. I want to do something that is not ordinary but I cannot think of anything.  

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What your teacher wants you to do is to break down the steps to the process in Spanish. Most FL teachers request projects like these in order to test your use of verbs, your if/then thinking skills, and of course whether you can support subject/verb agreement.

Something that you may find interesting to break down is a task that involves a surprising number of steps. "How to Brush Your Teeth" is a classic one that has over 35 steps to cover in something as seemingly simple. Teachers often assign this particular task to explain how hard this process (brushing one's teeth) could be for a student of special needs, or to someone suffering a specific type of physical condition.

Also, consider rules on how to play a game. You can translate the rules that come in print in board games to test your own Spanish skills and then compare your usage against the commercial translation of the game rules.

Finally, you can also create your own rules to something, such as for example: 

"Como saber si alguien esta mintiendo"- How to tell if someone is lying.

1. Mire la persona a los ojos

2. Dígale a la persona que repita la mentira.

3. Cuando la persona repita la mentira, mire la persona a los ojos directamente.

4. Si los ojos de la persona se mueven hacia la derecha, significa que la parte derecha del cerebro esta trabajando; esta es la parte emocional del cerebro. El individuo esta diciendo la verdad.

5. Si los ojos de la persona se mueven hacia la izquierda, aunque sea un poco, quiere decir que esta usando la parte izquierda del cerebro: esta es la parte inventiva. En otras palabras, la persona esta mintiendo.

6. Si la persona miente, dígale que se dio cuenta.

7. Disfrute un rato cuando vea las mejillas rojas de la otra persona. Luego obligelo a decir la verdad.

Included below is the psychology website that could be used as your resource to support this exercise should you decide to use it. Do not forget to go over your use of accents and to use your own voice, which is essential in any translation exercise.

Ojala y te sirva de algo. i Buena suerte!


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How about how to make a table? It is a very unique idea, even though it's weird lol.

Or you could make a drawing tutorial.

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