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How would I compare the challenges of women today shown in The Electronic Sweatshop by...

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How would I compare the challenges of women today shown in The Electronic Sweatshop by Barbara Garson to the challenges of women represented in The Scarlet Letter by Hawthorne and The Awakening by Chopin? 

I have been assigned to read The Electronic Sweatshop and to compare the challenges of today's women, obstacles, attitudes, status to those of women from two other erasas represented by The Scarlet Letter and The Awakening. I have read Hawthorne's and Chopin's. Before I read Garson's, I was hoping for some guidance and suggestions and reccomendations as to what to look for in order to complete the assignment.

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The general import of the theme of Garson's The Electronic Sweatshop is that computers are being used to replace the decision making and analytical processes and activities of managers and high level employees. This computerization, according to Garson, reduces administrative assistants, managers, supervisors and others to the capacity of mere clerks who do the bidding of the computer automation and expert systems applications. 

One thing you will want to do in comparing this to The Scarlet Letter and to The Awakening is to isolate the role of women in Garson's expose: since she speaks of all managers and all high level employees, a comparison of women to women requires identifying the role of women. An alternative is to compare the role of women of the earlier narratives the role of employees of both genders with the suggestion that both men's and women's roles are made comparable to the roles of women of earlier eras.


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