If I had to dress up as Dill for a day for a project for To Kill a Mockingbird, and I had to bring items that represent him directly... (see below)... and indirectly, what could I bring for him...

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This is an interesting assignment and the Dracula book is a good start. I would probably dress him in a clown outfit, since in Chapter 6 he states that he wants to be a new kind of clown who laughs at other people. Perhaps he should bring along an engagement ring for Scout, since he has promised to marry her in the future. He could be dragging a chain, since in one of his "whoppers," he claimed to have been left to die chained with wrist manacles in the family's basement in Meridian. A Coke bottle might be a good prop, since Dill discovered first-hand that Dolphus Raymond was only drinking pop, not whiskey. A deck of cards might also be appropriate, since he claimed to be playing strip poker on the night the children made their raid of the Radley house that resulted in Jem losing his pants.

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