Gullivers travel as a utopia in book 1I am trying to narrow down my thesis as Gullivers Travels as a satrical message and incorporating the idea of Utopia.  Anyone have examples and ideas of this...

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It is worth considering the subjectivity of the Utopia idea before writing an essay about it with reference to Gulliver's Travels by Jonathon Swift. Examining the practicalities of trying to achieve a Utopia in any society will then become clear to you before you look for it's relevance to this particular novel. For example, one attractive part of a Utopian society might be that none of us to have to do any work! We could get waited on hand and foot and only partake of the best. But who would the producers be? Who would provide the services and manufacture resources? Hard work would not be Utopia for them.  Can Utopia only ever exist for the lucky ,powerful and exploitative few?

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I think this is a good approach to take, but also you need to be aware that Swift's purpose was much wider than just satirising utopia in this classic novel. He also spends much time in Book I satirising the political system of his day, with the regime at Lilliput representing the government of King George I and the Whigs. This is definitely something there is a lot of scope to write about.

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Help with Gullivers Travel in Swifts message as a satire and Utopia-what about his make believe characters?

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