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Graph the function `y=4x+5` , with the domain `xlt0` .  And, determine its range.what...

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Graph the function `y=4x+5` , with the domain `xlt0` . 

And, determine its range.

what is the range of the function above? find the x-intercept and the y-intercept of 3x+6y=12



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`y= 4x + 5` , if `xlt0`

To graph linear equations, we need at least two points. Let's use the x and y intercept as our two points.

To solve for the x-intercept, set y equal to zero.

`y=0` ,     `y=4x+5`                        `-5=4x`

                 `0=4x+5`                     `-5/4=x`           

So, the x-intercept is `(-5/4,0)` .

To solve for the y-intercept, set x equal to zero.

`x=0` ,     `y=4x+5`


                `y= 5 `    

Hence, the y-intercept is `(0,5)` .

Then, plot (-5/4,0) and (0,5), and connect these two points. . Since the domain is x<0, this indicates that (0,5) is a hole and the graph is continuous to the left of (0,5).

Thus, the graph is:

As shown above, going from left to right,  the line stops at the hole which is (0,5). Hence, the range is `ylt5`

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