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Grade 9 Shakespeare Twelfth Night questions for scenes 1-5, answer as many as you can,...

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Grade 9 Shakespeare Twelfth Night questions for scenes 1-5, answer as many as you can, PLEASE!


Scene 2:

Is Twelfth Night the only play that involves a character putting on a disguise?

What other significant Shakespearean theme does Viola state?

What image that the Duke emplys does Viola also use?

Scene 3:

Does sir andrew seem an appropriate suitor for Olivia?

What else do sir toby and sir andrew illustrate in the play?

What is "ploce"?

What type of imagery does Sir toby introduce at the end of the scene?

Scene 4:

What task does the Duka assign Cesario?

To what genre does the play Twelfth Night belong?

What kind of an ending do we expect in the comedy?

What kind of vision does comedy have, according to Northrop Frye?

What is the community of Illyria doing about the Duke's love?

How does the Duke respond to Cesarios doubts that Olivia is too "abandoned to her sorrow" to listen to his suit?

Does the Duke change?

What does Orsino display at the end of the scene?

Scene 5:

What does Olivia put on before speaking with Cesario?

What tpe of metaphor does Cesario use to lend emphasis to the great love the Duke holds for Olivia?





 Answer as many as you can, these are not all of them, I have answered the rest I understand by myself. My teacher refuses to lend me a book, so it's not like I'm capable of doing this.


Thanks, Laur.

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Did you know that eNotes has full text copies of all of Shakespeare's plays?  You could try answering these using that etext, which can be found at the link given below.

Is your teacher not lending you a copy because he/she wants to see what you remember on your own, perhaps?


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