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Given f(x)= x^2 +3x-2 find f(m+1)

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Given f(x)= x^2 +3x-2 find f(m+1)

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We are given that f(x)= x^2 +3x-2 and we have to find f(m+1).

For this, substitute (m+1) for x.

Thereby we get:

f(x)= x^2 +3x-2

=> (m+1)^2 + 3*(m+1) - 2

open the brackets

=> m^2 + 1 + 2m + 3m + 3 -2

add the common terms

=> m^2 + 5m + 2

Therefore f(m+1) is equal to m^2 + 5m + 2.

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