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Given either Silver Nitrate, Barium Nitrate or Magnesium Nitrate, find a way to...

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Given either Silver Nitrate, Barium Nitrate or Magnesium Nitrate, find a way to determine what solution you have by forming precipitates.

Basically, try to find solutions that will form a precipitate with one of the solutions, but not the others. I need a test for all three. So a solution that forms a precipiate with Silver Nitrate but will not form a precipitate with Barium Nitrate or Magnesium Nitrate, and same for the other two. Thanks!

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From knowledge of solubility of salts of the given cations in aqueous medium, it is evident that silver chloride and barium sulfate shall form precipitates quite easily. Magnesium ions can be precipitated as hydrogen phosphate or oxalate, which is true for the other two ions too. Hence a scheme of identification can be developed as follows: To a little solution in a test tube, add solutions of ammonium chloride and ammonium sulfate to all three test tubes one by one. The solutions giving a precipitate in these tests must be silver nitrate and barium nitrate respectively. One test tube should not form any precipitate with either of them. Add a solution of disodium hydrogen phosphate/ ammonium oxalate to this test tube. Formation of a crystalline white precipitate should confirm the presence of magnesium nitrate there.


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