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Give the products:                                              ...

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Give the products:

                                               + 2CH_3COOH

Ba^2+ + CO_3^2-  -----> __?__     ----->       __?__

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The products are shown in the following scheme:

                                               + 2CH_3COOH

Ba^2+ + CO_3^2- ---> BaCO3 (s) ---> Ba(CH3COO)2 (aq.) + H2CO3 --> H2O + CO2(g)

Barium ions produce a white precipitate of barium carbonate on treatment with carbonate ions in solution, as the ionic concentration product of [Ba2+] and [CO3˄2-] ions exceeds the value corresponding to a saturated solution of barium carbonate. This precipitate dissolves in acetic acid to form a colourless solution through the formation of barium acetate. In addition to that, the carbonic acid produced in this reaction, decomposes to produce carbon dioxide and water.


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