Give examples of Iago's two-faced behaviour?and how might an actor convey this?



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Iago managed to deceive each of the major characters at some point in the play.

 Firstly, I would use Act II scene 3 where Iago dupes Cassio into drinking himself beyond sense. The actor playing Iago would be able to indicate to camera his contempt for Cassio’s confessed weakness-

 …I have very poor and unhappy
brains for drinking. I could well wish courtesy would
invent some other custom of entertainment

As the carousing continues it would be possible for Iago’s duplicity to be demonstrated by the actor feigning intoxication for Cassio and the others, whilst showing how he is clearly in control to the audience as he engineers Cassio to his downfall.

As Cassio fights with Roderigo, Iago as catalyst for the battle could be portrayed in the ‘darkness’ of the scene – the audience may clearly see Iago provoking the action he then reports to Othello.


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