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Identify the types of conflict in "The Most Dangerous Game," and give...

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cycobrain | Student, Grade 9 | eNotes Newbie

Posted August 19, 2008 at 3:17 PM via web

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Identify the types of conflict in "The Most Dangerous Game," and give examples of each.

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lizbv | High School Teacher | (Level 1) Associate Educator

Posted August 19, 2008 at 9:53 PM (Answer #1)

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Man vs. man, man vs. self, man vs. nature, and man vs. animal are also examples of the types of conflict present in the story.

The first, man vs. man, is the most apparent and obvious conflict in that it presents the primary conflict for the protagonist, that being Rainsford finding himself pitted against his host, General Zaroff, in a fight for his life.

Man vs. self is the personal and internal struggle that Rainsford is experiencing.  At the opening of the story, we learn that he finds hunting to be the greatest sport and shows no care for the feelings of his prey as evidenced in his conversations on the ship before he falls off and arrives at Shiptrap Island.

Man vs. nature occurs as he is running through the jungle away from Zaroff.  He must use his surroundings to his advantage to save himself from Zaroff's gun.

Finally, man vs. animal is quite specific in that it occurs when he running from Zaroff's dogs. He must use one of his hunting traps to save himself from their menacing jaws.

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kellif | eNotes Newbie

Posted October 26, 2008 at 1:59 AM (Answer #2)

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g0bananas | Student, Grade 9 | Honors

Posted October 9, 2009 at 9:22 AM (Answer #3)

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Character vs. Self- When Rainsford is internally debating the decisions as he is hoping to survive, like what to do when he is up the tree and General Zaroff is under him.

Character vs. Character- When Rainsford is fighting against General Zaroff in order to live, and the debate between them about humanity.

Character vs. Society- General Zaroff treats life as a game, "God made me a hunter," He got bored of hunting animals so he moved to humans. The title kind of suggests this.

Character vs. Nature-When Rainsfor is running in the jungle to beat General Zaroff in order to live. Also when he decides to swim, he is vs. the water, and the unknown in the water and jungle.

Character vs. Animal- When Rainsford is setting the trap and running from the dogs.

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