Full moon & little frieda by Ted Hughes- what is the response to the natural world in this poem in your view?notes & explanation on the response to the natural world in ted hughes' poem-...

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In the poem 'Full Moon and Little Frieda' by Ted Hughes the poet invites us to share a special moment in the lives of a father and daughter returning home one dusky evening at milking time. It happens to co-incide with the rising of a huge moon which stops them, particularly the little girl, in their tracks. Then Ted Hughes turns the act of staring in wonderment at the moon on its head - and it is almost as if time and space are twisted as the moon stares back. This poem by Hughes is very atmospheric and may remind readers of the beautiful but lonely times of Hughes on the moor. The images are powerful and vivid and we see a whole new way of looking at Nature - because it is looking at us!

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