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Friar Lawrence's plan carries some controversial points but it is very decisive and...

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Friar Lawrence's plan carries some controversial points but it is very decisive and crucial for the development of the plot. What is your view?

Plan= his whole plan in the novel; the plan he make for Romeo after his banishment; his plan to make Juliet fall for a slumber for 42 hours and to help Juliet escape the marriage with Paris and Romeo and Juliet's secret marriage in Romeo and Juliet.

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Actually Friar Lawrence does not have only the one plan for Romeo and Juliet--he has several options, tries a couple including counselling and cautioning, but keeps changing his mind about the best plan.

When he notices how desperate and panicky Juliet is, he suggests a slumbering potion to her, which is a change of plan from the one he suggested to Romeo. The new plan doesn't try to get the backing of the families, but tries to incorporate some joy for the couple. But Lawrence's new plot  fails, largely because of Fate and bad timing. Romeo hears about Juliet's "death" through third party hearsay--his servant. The friar's crucial message that it isn't true doesn't get through to Romeo--also another time-change is that her father changes the date of the wedding. Romeo gets there minutes before Juliet comes round, and then commits suicide in his grief. His sweetheart might have been rescued but the meddling, ill-plotting Friar, though arriving at the mausoleum  in time to beg her to reconsider, runs off--scared by weird sounds. He puts his own safety first.

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