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Freedoms we enjoy and where they came fromStudents in the United States enjoy lots of...

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Freedoms we enjoy and where they came from

Students in the United States enjoy lots of freedom. List some of the freedoms that you enjoy. Were these privileges always available to everyone? What might someone have had to do in order to make sure you have these freedoms? How does that make you feel about the privileges you enjoy?

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Most of the freedoms that students enjoy today which were not available to students 30 or 40 years ago are economic freedoms.  Most people back a few decades already had the kinds of social and political freedoms that students now enjoy.  These economic freedoms (having access to cars, having cell phones, etc) come about largely because of the efforts of family members and the overall growth in the economy.

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Childhood itself is a fairly modern construct, the freedom to not go to work to help support oneself and one's family at a very young age, to be allowed to play, to learn, to grow, with the support of family and society.  We tend in most modern societies to take this freedom for granted, but it is a precious freedom that all children should have. 

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Children (and students) enjoy more personal rights and freedoms than in previous decades. Adults once had complete dominance over their children, but laws pertaining to such things as physical and mental abuse give kids more legal leverage than in the past. Family financial security also enables students greater access to modern technology than before: Most students enjoy their own personal access to TV, computers, automobiles, etc., when such items were only shared by family members in the past. 

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One of the most important freedoms we have is the right to live wherever we want. Although there are limits to this because some places cost more than others, I am not forced to live in certain neighborhoods.  In some countries and at some times in the past this has not been the case.

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