Free Resource for Math TeachersJust stumbled upon TeacherZone - a free math video site - has thousands of 3-5 minute math videos - perfect for sharing with kids and parents.  They seem to have...

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Thanks for the link. Videos difinitly helps  when it comes to math and you hardly can find them. It is nice to have a video explaining a math concept since students seems to respond better for educational videos tat to texts or notes. I will definitly will give it a try.

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Thanks for the information. Anytime teachers can help other teachers for free it’s a good thing. There are several websites out there that purport to be for teachers, but many of them charge a subscription fee. In this day and age, most teachers don’t have a lot of funds in the budget (personal or professional) for subscription services.

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Thanks Hala - yes I found the site quite useful, another site which I'm sure you may have heard of is khan academy, they have a lot of videos too.

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