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In the first chapter of The Wednesday Wars, who are the characters?

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Posted July 16, 2013 at 4:00 PM via web

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In the first chapter of The Wednesday Wars, who are the characters?

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Posted July 16, 2013 at 9:14 PM (Answer #1)

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Holling Hoodhood, Mrs. Baker, Doug Swieteck, and Holling’s mother and father are characters in chapter 1.

Holling Hoodhound is a Presbyterian in a school where all of the students are either Catholic or Jewish.  He thinks that his teacher Mrs. Baker hates him.  In 6th grade there were three Presbyterians, but in seventh grade there is only him.

Doug Swieteck was a classmate that once developed a list of 410 ways to get a teacher to hate you.

Mrs. Baker is Holling’s teacher at Camillo Junior High.  He has to stay with her on Wednesdays when the other students are excused to attend Hebrew School or Catechism.   

Of all of the kids in the seventh grade at Camillo Junior High, there was one that Mrs. Baker hated with heat whiter than the sun. … Me. (September, p. 1)

Holling fully expects a year-long war with Mrs. Baker to make up for the fact that she has to stay with him.  When she gives him an extra-long sentence to diagram, he takes that as proof.

Mr. Holling is an architect who thinks living in a house in the middle of town is Perfect.  Holling does not agree, since he does not belong anywhere.

Mrs. Holling smokes but doesn’t want her husband to know.


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