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How would I go about identifying Web sites that would be useful in terms of validity of...

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How would I go about identifying Web sites that would be useful in terms of validity of information for doing secondary research on a social sciences topic, with at least one or two example Web sites, please?

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"Social sciences" is a very broad field covering many disciplines from communication to comparative anthropology. Andragogy, the study of how adults learn and are best taught, is popular now. Let's suppose this is your the discipline in which your "topic" falls.

Secondary website (the new MLA standard is "website") research can generally help with an overview of the topic, commentary in scientific publications on the results of current research, and current research findings announced university or other press releases. We'll see together what we can find on the topic of "andragogy."

Searching "andragogy explanation" brings up in the 5th and 7th search results slots a discussion of andragogy under the auspices of Regis University, which is hosting a paper by Stephen Crawford of Old Dominion University, and an discussion by Roger Hiemstra, Professor Emeritus, of Syracuse University. These papers that are hosted by distinguished universities will provide information the validity of which can be trusted.



Searching "andragogy current research" turns up results to many university PDF files that discuss current research, for example, a paper by Joseph Houde that was presented at the Academy of Human Resource Development International Conference in 2006:


Searching for "andragogy press release+.edu" brings up several possibilities including the 2012 Sloan Consortium conference on andragogy with links to the feature presentation and to "Download the Proceedings."


Searching the slightly modified term "andragogy current press release+.edu" brings up slightly different results including this 2008 review of the book The Institutional Path for Change in This Age: Andragogy, not Pedagogy by Trent Batson of the Office of Educational Innovation and Technology at MIT:


Interestingly, searching the title of Batson's book brings up a number of of other .edu (educational) results plus one or two government (.gov) results, any of which would be interesting to pursue. Certainly, .gov results would have information the validity of which could be trusted: :The paperless classroom facilitates an andragogical approach to education ...."


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