Find the intercepts and use them to graph the equation y=8x^2-8



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`y = 8x^2-8`

This graph is at x-y plane. So the curve will have two intercepts where is intercept x-axis and y-axis.

x-intercept can be obtained when y = 0

`y = 8x^2-8`

`0 = 8(x^2-1)`

`x^2 = 1`

`x = +-1`


So we have x-intercepts at two locations,at x = 1 and x = -1.


y-intercept can be obtained when x = 0

`y = 8x^2-8`

`y = -8`


So we have y intercept at y = -8.


For further clarification please refer the graph.

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