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Find the empirical formula of the following compound.A 2.203 sample of an organic...

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Find the empirical formula of the following compound.

A 2.203 sample of an organic compound was extracted from a plant. When it was burned in oxygen, the hydrogen in the compound was converted to 1.32g of water and the carbon was oxidised to 3.23g of carbon dioxide.

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The mass of the organic sample that was taken from the plant is 2.203 g. It was burned in oxygen and the products were 1.32 of water and 3.23 g of carbon dioxide. The empirical formula of the organic compound has to be determined based on this information.

It is assumed that the compound consists of only hydrogen and carbon.

2 g of hydrogen reacts with 16 g of oxygen to form 18 g of water following the chemical reaction 2H + O --> H2O

12 g of carbon reacts with 32 g of oxygen to form 44 g of CO2 following the chemical reaction C + O2 --> CO2

1.32 g of water is produced when (1.32/18)*2 = 11/75 g of hydrogen is burned. 3.23 g of carbon dioxide is produced when (3.23/44)*12 = 969/1100 g of carbon is burned. The sum of the mass of hydrogen and that of carbon dioxide is 1.027 g. This is not equal to the mass of the sample given. The data provided is not consistent.

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