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a female air traffic controller who works very long hours is aged 45 and has had blood...

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a female air traffic controller who works very long hours is aged 45 and has had blood pressure readings of 145/97 during the six- month period she has workes at the airport. she has a high body mass index (BMI) of 29. BMI is a measure of a person's weight in relation to height. with a measure of 29, she is in a group with an increased risk of health problems. due to her long hours, she has neglected her diet and has little time to exercise.

explain whether the blood pressure reading is normal and what condition this woman likly has, using appropriate terminology. List three posible factors that may lead to a blood pressure reading 145/97

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A female adult with a blood pressure reading of 145/97 is in stage 1 pre-hypertension, and consequently, does not have a blood pressure in the normal range.  As humans increase in age, their risk for hypertension increases as well.  As such, one factor contributing to her blood pressure could be her age.  Her intake of salt is another factor that could be contributing to her blood pressure.  These days, it is common knowledge that reducing one's intake of salt has positive effects on one's blood pressure.  Fast food, products that come in cans, and pre-made packaged dinners are very high in salt.  Given her long hours she is likely consuming these high salt foods as they are typically quick to make.  Finally, her lack of exercise may be contributing to her high blood pressure, as exercise is known to decrease blood pressure.


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