The federal system -- would you keep it?Discuss the advantages and disadvantages to democracy under a federal system. If you were to write the Constituion today, would you opt to continue...

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I think that there are some issues with our current version of the federal government, but it is a good idea.  There has to be some body representing everyone.  Otherwise, each individual state is just its own country.  I think that there are some things, like inter-state commerce, that require an overseeing body.

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Henry David Thoreau wrote, "That government governs best that governs least."  Nowadays in the United States, the Federal government is entirely too big, dictating too much in the lives of American citizens.  Take for example the Federal Bureau of Education.  Why should there be a Federal Bureau of Education when every state has its own bureau of Education?  This is simply a waste of taxpayers' money, not to mention that bureaucrats in Washington are not knowledgeable of individual states' issues.  This No Child Left Behind passed by the federal government is a bill that is illogical and unrealistic; it has been a dismal failure--proof of the waste just described.

Individual states are better equipped to deal with their own state issues.  Isn't this one of the reasons that individual states were created? 

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I would in some ways, but not in others.  I would definitely still have federalism on "small" issues.  I would let states set their own policies, for example, on things like taxes.  But I would not have federalism on major issues of rights like abortion or gay marriage.  Those things need to be the same for all Americans.

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I wouldn't, but that's just because I'm against government control altogether. Big government is always a bad thing, because governments are bad. That's not to say that institutions shouldn't exist, only that they should be accessible to all, and not under the control of coercive power. If I were to write the Constitution, I would put in it that the means of production should be distributed to and controlled by all, and I would put in stronger laws against government intrusion into people's liberties.

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