Favorite Authors in This PeriodWho do you think are the best authors writing in the literary modernist period? I would say my favorites are: James JoyceFranz KafkaEzra Pound

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I'll add Hemingway and Eliot.

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I adore Evelyn Waugh and Graham Greene. I find Wagh's satire worderfully esoteric.  I am almost done with his complete works, and I find myself putting off reading the ones that are left so that I can keep looking forward to them. They are both so disturbing and hilarious. 

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I have to agree on Hemingway.  It's not always fashionable to love Hemingway, but I do anyway.  I'll throw in Faulkner as well.

If I cheat and go past 1930, I have to cast a vote for Nathanael West's comic and grostesque portraits of American life.  Certainly "The Day of the Locust" is "The Wasteland" realized Hollywood style. 

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