In Fahrenheit 451- What three elemnts did Faber feel he was missing from life?

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I don't know that Faber feels that these things are missing from his life specifically, but he feels that the society needs three things if it is to get back to being a health society.

First, it needs good books -- books that really look carefully at the world and expose truths about the world.

Second, people need the time to read these books and to think about them.  They need leisure time.

Finally, they need rights.  They need to be allowed to talk about the books that they have read and act on the ideas that they get from these books.

If these things happen, society will improve, Faber says.

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1:The quality of information 2:Lleisure to digest it 3:The right to carry out actions based on what we learn from interactions from the first two

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