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Fahrenheit 451 Movie AnnouncementWell, some out there may think Britney's latest train...

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Fahrenheit 451 Movie Announcement

Well, some out there may think Britney's latest train wreck is exciting, but for us geeks...

I just read on imdb that Tom Hanks is set to star in a new version of Fahrenheit 451.  What do you guys think about that?  Does he have the right stuff (ha!) to play Montag?

(Also in the novel-to-film rumors of late.  Beowulf and Gilgamesh... (not together, though that would be something, wouldn't it??)


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I like Tom Hanks and he usually doesn't take part in movies that end up being flops which is why he is such a famous and recognized actor. He certainly looks the part of the firemen (maybe he'll have to dye his hair so that it looks more like charcoal), but he can definitely pull off the sooty eyes and the constant 5 o'clock shadow. It will be nice to have an updated version of the movie too. I'll be interested to see how cinematography depicts the Hound and the technology.

I see your post is kind of dated so Beowulf is out in theatres now and personally I think it looks stupid because of the computer animation of the actors, but truth be told I'll probably rent it when it comes out on DVD to see of it's a good adaptation to show my students when we read it.

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Tom Hanks is a very talented actor, though I wouldn't immediately think of casting him for the role of Montag.  I would be more likely to choose someone like Ryan Gosling (though he is a little young) or Ben Affleck (he redeemed himself in The Town) as actors who more accurately represent the mental image I have of Montag.

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I'd be interested in seeing film version of this book. Tom Hanks seems like a good Montag, a person who you can't help liking, despite the poor decisions he might make at times.

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