In the eyes of the community, what is Dolphus Raymond's problem in To Kill a Mockingbird?

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 In the novel To Kill a Mockingbird, by Harper Lee there are many themes and subplots.  One of the main themes is the concept of tolerance and prejudice.  Dolphus Raymond is a minor character that the reader is introduced to in chapter 16.  He is at the court house and the Scout asks Jem why Dolphus acts like he does.  He is drinking out of a bottle inside a sack and Jem explains that he has a Coke bottle filled with whiskey.  Jem says Raymond does it so he won't "offend the ladies."  Jem also explains that Raymond has a black woman and has several inter-racial children. This was not acceptable at this time. Raymond was supposed to marry, but the woman killed herself the day of the wedding and it was thought that she shot herself because she found out about the black woman and all of Raymond's mixed blood children.

"Mr. Dolphus Raymond: a white man who sits with the black people and who has 'a colored woman and all sorts of mixed chillun.'”

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