Express yourself in a sentence or sentences , express your feelings, your status, your mood, etc. in a metaphorical way (a metaphorical way would be better but it is optional ).Then explain what...

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My head is about to explode!  Seriously, I do have a headache.  It feels like my head is expanding, and the expansion is causing considerable pain.  So I say my head is about to explode, because I am fed up with my headache!

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Metaphors are an easy way to say something both without saying it and because it makes a stronger statement than just being literal.  Here's an example of a metaphorical sentence:  When I start working, I'm a machine and nothing can stop me.  From this, you clearly get the impression of motion and movement and strength--things you do not sense in the figurative sentence:  Once I start working, I work hard and don't stop.  Metaphors are intimidating until you realize we use them all the time--and they work.

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If I understand the question accurately, it is seeking to analyze individual feelings using metaphors.  If this is an assignment, I think that you might be better set to take what is seen here and construct it for yourself, given your own feelings and expressions.  It might be more effective if it is coming from your point of view.  If it is for "fun," take what is seen here, but also see how it can speak to your own experience.  For example, while I am typing, there is a television wailing in mourning in the background.  Its monotonous droning is quite persistent, the pain of impending doom and experienced loss evident.  I am sitting here typing and there is a one and a half staring me down with a ball in his hand.  I am his target, his prey, and he being the sleek cheetah is waiting for the right moment to pounce.    There is a certain sense of uneasiness I am feeling right now, the prey knowing his moment is near, yet not being entirely certain as to when that moment is going to be.  The exactitude escapes my grasp, reaching into a pot of honey and pulling out so much, yet so very little.

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