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Explain what Trofimov, probably speaking for Chekhov, means when he says, "Mankind...

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Explain what Trofimov, probably speaking for Chekhov, means when he says, "Mankind marches on, perfecting its powers. Everything that is incomprehensible to us now, will one day become familiar and comprehensible. All we have to do is to work and do our best to assist those who are looking for truth."

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In this case, asserting that Timorov is a spokesperson character for Chekhov is a reasonable assumption; Timorov is here speaking of the changes in the cherry orchard’s condition, but Chekhov, in all of his plays, is examining the cosmic changes in Russia itself during the upheaval of the serf-master relationship going on it that time; he maintains that the only path for the individual is to seek the truth and follow the leader who represents it as the country goes through the tumultuous shift in cultural hierarchies.  The orchard is a concrete, physical example of the larger but more abstract changes in the landscape of human “uses” from serfdom to capitalism (or, eventually, communism).  A microcosm of this physical change can be seen in the “nursery”, so-called, the room whose purpose has changed but that still carries the name of “nursery” to the family.  All the physical description in the play reiterate the theme of change, and the necessity for prudent adjustment of change.  Chekhov’s play The Three Sisters is again a metaphor for individual adjustment to gross change.


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