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Please explain this quote from Macbeth in detail:O, never(65) Shall sun that morrow...

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Please explain this quote from Macbeth in detail:

O, never(65) Shall sun that morrow see!

Your face, my Thane, is as a book where men

May read strange matters. To beguile the time,

Look like the time; bear welcome in your eye,

Your hand, your tongue; look like the innocent flower,(70

But be the serpent under't. He that's coming

Must be provided for; and you shall put

This night's great business into my dispatch,

Which shall to all our nights and days to come

Give solely sovereign sway and masterdom.(75)

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To begin with, this is Lady Macbeth talking to her husband.  She begins by saying that Duncan will not live to see the next day.  She warns him that his face can be "read" and he should hid his true feelings.  He should welcome Duncan and not let on his true purpose. She says to look innocent while hiding his intention which is to kill the king.  There is a double meaning in he "must be provided for".  On one hand he must be welcomed as the king and given all the pomp and circumstance connected with being king.  On the other hand she means he must die.  She tells him to leave everything to her and she will arrange everything for him.  Once the deed is done, they will rule Scotland as king and queen.

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