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explain the parts of a flower.with diagram

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Posted November 3, 2011 at 12:47 AM via web

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explain the parts of a flower.

with diagram

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ainsleyharris | Student, Grade 9 | (Level 1) Honors

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Petal Petals are used to attract insects into the flower, they may have guidelines on them and be scented. Stigma Is covered in a sticky substance that the pollen grains will adhere to. Style The style raises the stigma away from the Ovary to decrease the likelihood of pollen contamination. It varies in length. Ovary This protects the ovule and once fertilisation has taken place it will become the fruit. Ovule The Ovule is like the egg in animals and once fertilisation has taken place will become the seed. Receptacle This is the flower's attachment to the stalk and in some cases becomes part of the fruit after fertilisation e.g. strawberry. Flower stalk Gives support to the flower and elevates the flower for the insects. Nectary This is where a sugary solution called nectar is held to attract insects. Sepal Sepals protect the flower whilst the flower is developing from a bud. Filament This is the stalk of the Anther. Anther The Anthers contain pollen sacs. The sacs release pollen on to the outside of the anthers that brush against insects on entering the flowers. The pollen once deposited on the insect is transferred to the stigma of another flower or the same flower. The ovule is then able to be fertilised.

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