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Explain the paradox of the apparitions in "Macbeth."Macbeth act 4

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Explain the paradox of the apparitions in "Macbeth."

Macbeth act 4

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The apparitions are paradoxical on a few levels. First of all, Macbeth projects all his fears and hopes into the apparitions. He is fearful of losing his crown; he is fearful of being overthrown; and he is fearful of his lineage not ruling Scotland. The apparations' predictions, paradoxically can never occur, yet they do. We know that the trees move up the hill because the soldiers use them for cover. Macduff defeats Macbeth as he is not naturally from woman born. Lastly, Banquo's line inherits the throne. So, what seems impossible becomes all too possible, and perhaps even more important, it is Macbeth's utter belief in the apparitions that leads to his death


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