"Explain how Orwell in his novel 1984 illustrates a dystopian society which is almost a direct response to romanticism thereby bringing to a distinct yet modern form of elitism?" I read the book...

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This is a typical English teacher/professor type of question. 

First, break it down into parts.


1. Dystopia- it literally mean "bad place". It is an imaginary world where social issues of today are played out to the extreme ends. For example, government involvement in our lives today is played out in 1984's dystopia as total government control and invasion of all private moments.


2. Romanticism- a vague time during the 19th century in the arts that promoted individualism, imagaination, and political change over fact or the actual. Supernatural and sublime were often involved. 


3. Elitism- those in power or rule based upon education, power, or influence.

Consider if Winston and those he comes in contact with are part of the elite in comparison to O'Brien and his want of power just for the sake of power.




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