Explain how the females are weak willed causing them to be morally corrupt and influences the core of the text (Do not include how they are easily manipulated and how the party eradicates their sex...

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In 1984, women are extremely stereotyped. Take a look at Winston's neighbor across the hall. SHe is completely unable to take care of herself. She cannot fix her plumbing (although we know Winston is not strong and is certainly no amazing handyman) even though she has watched Winston do it countless times. She has been removed as a mother of her children and replaced by the government--they are little spies who she cannot stop. 

Beyond that, look at Julia. Julia's sex drive certainly has not been eradicated--instead, she is simply using sex as a rebellion against the party. She appears, in Orwell's novel as an unintelligent distraction for Winston. She has no desire to actually stop the party, she essentially just enjoys "spitting in their faces". 

Then there is the proletariat woman. This woman is the one WInston admires from the window of his and Julia's apartment. She is always singing and hanging clothes. The woman is completely at peace with life and with her continuous repetitive chores. She is the true icon in this novel.

Orwell's commentary on women is this: any woman who is continuously sexually active is weak willed and cannot influence the world around them. They simply act and lure men. However, mothers who nurture and love and care for their children--fathers who spend time with their little ones--they are the true backbone of any country.

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