What do The Great Truth, The Unmentionable Times, The Uncharted Forest, The Evil Ones, and The Great Rebirth mean in Anthem?

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The Great Truth is found in the motto which says, "We are one in all and all in one. There are no men but only the great We, One, indivisible and forever"(19). Basically, there are no individuals, only everyone.  The Unmentionable Times are those days before the society was created. The Uncharted Forest is the area around the city where it is illegal to go. The Evil Ones are those who fought against the development of the current society/government as well as anyone who might revolt again. The Great Rebirth is when the new society was fully embraced and all of the rebels were either killed or converted to the philosophy. Those are the basic literal meanings, but each term also has a symbolic meaning. For example, the Uncharted Forest also represents the personal journey that each person must go through in order to discover themselves, who they are with others, and who they are as an individual. It is in the Uncharted Forest that the brotherhood does not have control over the individual; however, if the brotherhood can keep scary stories circulating about the vicious animals who live in the forest it will help them to control people within the city walls.


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