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Explain the difference between the European and American labeling of wine.Italian wine...

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Explain the difference between the European and American labeling of wine.

Italian wine has long been a subject of much mystery and trepidation for wine consumers. The system of labeling wines used in Italy can be a minefield of confusing terms, grapes, and places. This has had a slowing effect on sales in the United States and will continue to do so until the wine-consuming public can become more educated on the subject. Imagine yourself as the author of a primer on deciphering the Italian wine-labeling system.

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Indeed, Italian wine labels are quite different from American.  Remember that wines in the United States are named according to the type of grape they're made from, but in Europe (most famously France), the region in which the wine was produced gives the wine its name.  Italian wines are just less known in the US, therefore Americans are less familiar with the grape growing regions of Italy and therefore with the types of wine Italy produces.

Maps would be quite important to include in your primer, as would information about the types of grapes grown in those regions.  If familiar places in France or the US produce wines that are similar to wines produced in Italy, consumers would value that information.  It might guide consumers to choose Italian wines that are similar to ones they know they like.

Maps giving information about the soils in the wine-producing regions of Italy would be helpful as well; since soils are important to wine taste, that information could help consumers to understand what types of wines the would be purchasing.


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