Explain the causes of the gang's deliquency, including their reaction to the name Trevor and their reaction to Old Misery's gift of chocolates.

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The Wormsley Street Gang, made up of young boys who grew up in post-Blitz London, have lived in a world full of destruction. They are so entrenched in the hardship and difficulties of post-WWII life that they are at a loss when confronted with beauty or kindness. When Old Misery offers them chocolates, they cannot understand a kind gesture, but rather suggest that the chocolates are dirty, stolen, or a bribe. As far as T's real name, he drops it because "Trevor" is an upper-class name, and the boys have working-class disdain for anything of that sort. These attitudes are the foundation of their decision to destroy a beautiful and historically-important home built by Christopher Wren.

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the Trevor's name is a high class name, and in that poor society that they lived it was funny to use that upper-class name. their reaction to old misery's gift was because of the hard and cruel situation they lived in it, and kindness was something unfamiliar to them.

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